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If you want to buy chopper parts at ROCK BOTTOM PRICING – at barely over dealer cost – then give us a call ! Forget ridiculous retail pricing. If you want a fair deal, look no further. You won’t be disappointed. 

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Look for the parts you want from these PARTS DISTRIBUTORS:


S&S Cycle –

( We get S&S Engines at the cheapest prices possible by being a direct dealer for S&S )


Bikers Choice –


Custom Chrome  –

Mid-West Motorcycle Parts ( Ultima Products)  -




REMEMBER!  When you attend our chopper building school, and we get to know you, we are willing to give you pricing that will put a big joker grin on your mug!


Our prices are low as it is, but our LOWEST prices ( sickening low) are relationship driven. Sign up for the chopper school now and find out!