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One of our first classes

Breaking crank pin nut.
Digital torque wrench. Nice.
Installing wrist pin bushing.
Next, flywheels go onto the truing stand.
Student learning the TIG welding skills needed for custom
motorcycle applications, and general TIG welding skills as well.

Recent class pic. Would you let these guys into YOUR shop?  Thought I might need a metal detector at the door to check for tools leaving my shop! No, just kidding. From left: Gabe: contractor from Missouri; Wes: concrete pumper to LA high-rise constuction; JR: diesel mechanic; Bobby:

ok, that's another story all together!  Carpenter from Queens and goes way back with Indian Larry. Everybody here marches to their own drummer, but Bobby drove in from Queens to the sound of a 454 under the hood of his El Camino!   Far right is Don - machinist from Chicago.

I told ya. Bobby's car (and Bobby) is an absolute trip. I think he might have gone to Woodstock. 

Anybody notice Bobby's stereo system? Ya gotta love it!  I have a lot of respect for him. He does things his way,

and he does not give a rats rear what you think about it. That is what made Indian Larry pretty original. He

was ahead of his time with his own designs and he was real.













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