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Build A Chopper Flywheel INto Left Case

Installing the flywheel into the left case.

Build A Chopper Degree The Cam

Engine building - degreeing the cam.

Build A Chopper Flywheel Torquing
Final crank pin nut persuasion
Build A Chopper Wyoming
Machinists are intense. They know steel like nobody's business.
Build A Chopper Both Bikes

Working on both bikes. One chopper with rigid frame,

and one custom bike with softail frame.

Table full of engine parts after engine tear-down.

Parts will be re-assembled on day 2 of the engine building workshop.

Second table of engine parts after tear-down.
Normally we have 3 tables full of engine parts ready to be re-assembled.
Gas tanks getting painted in our paint booth.
Having custom stands makes them easy to handle during painting and drying.
A couple of guys learning the TIG welding needed for welding the
bungs and brackets needed to attach fenders, gas tanks and oil tanks.

After 6 hours they are usually welding vertical and overhead.















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