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Build A Chopper Flywheel Work

Initial torque on flywheels during engine assembly.

Build A Chopper Engine Case Splitting

Removing one case half.

Build A Chopper Flywheel Alignment
Truing flywheels.
Build A Chopper Engine Assembly
Final torquing of engine bolts.
Build A Chopper Electrical Troubleshooting
Electrical system testing during engine fire-up.
Shane (left) flew in from London, England.  He is a commercial pilot and also originally hails from the Maori Indian Tribe in New Zealand. Check out his traditional Maori tribal tatoos. He's covered head to toe!  Jimmi (middle) is from NC and surprisingly has a huge background in Harley drag racing. Even has a drag strip tatooed on his left arm!
Andrew  (right) is working on getting his own shop going over time.

Tom, Bob, Tom and Dan pursuading the flywheel nut to high torque spec.

Tom - far left - is a fireman from Connecticut. He said that due to contract hassles with the mayor of New York City, the NYC Firefighters were not invited to the 10'th anniversary cerimonies for 9/11 in New York City. Can you believe that? Firefighters from coast to coast rode in on their motorcycles and flooded NYC on the 10'th anniversary despite the mayor.     


Firemen who rode into NYC on 9/11 at one of the memorials in NYC.


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