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Build A Chopper - Chopper School Chop

Right side of chopper you will build at the school.

Build A Chopper Engine Workshop
Students doing engine building.
Harley Engine Building Flywheel
Torquing crank pin nut
Build A Chopper Custom Wiring
Maryland guys doing wiring
Build A Chopper Flywheel Torquing
Doug putting persuasion on crankpin nut.


Build A Chopper Engine Build Is Done

Joe, (submarine engineer from CT) and Chris (heavy equipment operator from San Diego) are hamming it up in the shop after finishing engine building.


Tim (left) commercial electrician on  tugboats in drydock; Don (right back) builder from Fort Wayne, and how could we forget Jeff (lower right) one badass boilermaker from Alabama! .... all doing bike wiring.
Phil - back from New Zealand for a second time through the workshops. Lets see, that's only 16,718 miles of round trip flying! The dude is no doubt the resident Harley expert in New Zealand and probably Australia as well for that matter. He left for NY city for some tatoo work before flying home.

Jason, middle, and dad, Jim, left. These guys have logged mega miles which included a side car which Jason rode in. Side car? Wow.That is dedication to the cause!

Brice on left from France. Geoff on right from Brooklyn - he lives close to Indian Larry's shop in Brooklyn. They are going through balancing of rotating and recipricating mass in the engine building class.
Brice is holding the engine while we take a pic. We were busting his chops a bit saying, "Can you wait a little bit longer till we get the camera focused? Turn a little to the the right. Don't drop the engine!"  He got a workout.
Bobber with springer fork. Built for a customer at the old shop where we used to be located.







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