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Craig on left - 10 years with LAPD. Crazy stories from the LA streets! James on right - -mega experience with hotrods and body work.
Eric, right, rides a chop with a long, long "Sugar Bear" springer front end. He rode all over Puerto Rico on real bad roads. Not sure how the dude survived!
Jashawn, left from LA, Rob from Montana in middle. Eric hails from wherever that Sugar Bear equipped chop leads him I guess.
Jordan from the Horse Magazine; guy from Hawaii, and Big Jim.
Build A Chopper Welding

TIG Welding.  Man, there was a lot of it on this bike!

Build A Chopper Wheel Spacer Cutting
Cutting wheel spacers on the lathe.
Indian Larry Photo
Upper right was a pic of me and Indian Larry after a video interview we did with him. RIP Larry. You are missed. Lower right is Tanya. Left is a pic of a Ducati racer many years ago in Italy. Many bikers have come before you.
This is one of them!
Build A Chopper Engine Rotor
Local students from Ohio
Build A Chopper - Balancing Bottom End
Static engine balancing of rotating mass. It's gettin technical!

Baxter - Daytona Bike Week


Baxter with his Knucklehead chopper at 2010 Daytona Bike week.



Knucklehead Intake Problems
A little work on the intake manifold of Baxter's old Knuck
Chopper Build Sportster

Workshop Student Ben Moriera's Sportster fabrication.
Wonder what the wife thinks? Looks like the family room has turned into Ben's workshop!
Well, he deserves to keep warm in the cold Toronto, Canada winter. Right?
Hey, it's biker rights...plain and simple.






Toms tatoos. One on the side says, "Chicks are a lot of trouble". Makes sense!

The big one on the back is an angel and inscribed below is Psalm 22 from the bible.
He is a serious believer. After one bike wreak, 25 bone breaks in one leg and 12 operations,
he has already been to "the other side" and ran into Jesus. Ya gotta respect this dude.


This is Barak. He owns Barak's Truck Stop in Illinois. He was very skeptical about our workshops at first. His take is that most workshops "tell you what to do"..but they don't
" SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT !" By the end of the workshops he said he was satisfied with all we covered. ( Whew! That's a big compliment from him. He's a big dude and an ace mechanic. )
The home clubhouse is in Hell, Michigan. Yes, it really is the name of the town. Barak's chapter is in Clinton, Iowa - just across the Mississippi River from his shop. I'll say one thing, his Street Glide bagger accelerates like a rice rocket due to the 103 cu inch big bore kit that was installed. If you take the engine building workshop, you can easily install your own big bore kit.


Left to right: Barak from Illinois, Chris...pipeliner from Alabama, Scott...welder from PA, Ron from SC.

Mike from England. Runs a shop called Custom Cruisers. Does a huge amount of riding in Europe. Had an engine blow on a trip to Germany recently.




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