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Tom. Software engineer. Video producer. Owns 37 guitars.

More tatoos than I can count.
Definitely one of our wildest students!

Harley Engine Building Cylinder Honing
Cylinder honing.
Build A Chopper With 300 Tire

Another bike build for a customer with 300 rear tire.

Build Chopper Students
Guys from California, Florida, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
Harley Evo Engine Assembly
One heck of a master machinist from the oil fields in Wyoming
Harley Engine Building Case Bolts

Installing engine case bolts


Indian Larry Photo Last Smoke Out
Myself and Indian Larry at the Horse Magazine Annual Chopperfest about 5 years ago.


Build A Chopper Meshal
Meshal flew in from the country of Kuwait in the Middle East for our October 2009 workshops. That's about 15 hours spent on the airplane EACH WAY and 13,442 total miles of flying! The dude knew more about jockey shifters than I could imagine!
Build A Chopper Brad from Dubai
Brad flew in from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for our September 2009 workshops. He is from Australia and works on 20,000 horsepower compressor engines that pump natural gas back into Middle East oil wells. Hey, what's with all these guys flying in from the Middle East lately? He said a lot of the Shieks ride Harleys! That is 14,410 total miles of flying to the workshops. Woah!
Build A Chopper Engine Building
Guys from the November 2009 engine building workshop. Re-bolting the case together after installing the flywheel assembly.
Build A Chopper Left Case
Ben, Baxter and Phillip installing the flywheel assembly. Ben, on the left, flew in from Toronto. He already had some custom bike experience and has a few high performance cars that are jaw dropping! (I won't elaborate too much on the cars!)
Build A Chopper Engine Assembly Hands On
Phillip, in the center, flew in from New Zealand for the workshops. Yes, I said NEW ZEALAND! That is 8,359 miles of flying ONE WAY! That is 16,718 miles round trip! He won the award for the student coming the furthest! He had a lot of stories about the Harley and custom bike scene in New Zealand. He is now the resident custom bike guru in New Zealand as custom bike knowledge there is hard to get. Amazing dude!
Build A Chopper Wiring
Mark, on the right from Wash DC, has his finger pointed to the wire on the schematic and is telling the guys to "wire it right here where I am pointing like it says on the schematic"! He works around the world for Uncle Sam when not riding.
Build A Chopper Baxter
Ok, this is Baxter from Utah. Bad to the bone. Has ridden more miles than I could believe on a Fat Boy, Electra Glide, BMW, Ducati...with more war stories than we could believe. He climbed Mount Everest (honest... we saw the pics)! He also teaches base jumping ( go to You Tube if you want to know what that is all about), and the stories just go on and on. Man, this November class had the most intense dudes on the planet! From New Zealand to Mount Everest - these guys had the planet covered! It was like doing a class with a bunch of Navy Seals!
Travis from Missouri with his 2 sons.
Born to ride and they look like they are ready to pick a fight already!
Scott rode in from Tennessee. No poser here.
Mike - an Ohio dude with the coolest Iron Head Sportster I have seen in a long, long time.
The geek squad! Oh man did these guys have the brains. Brian (left) ran one of the big 4 auto maker factories in Detroit. Michael (middle) software engineer.  Tom (right) designs high speed cameras that can film an atom splitting....or something like that. Completely unreal.  And what do they really dig?  Take a guess! 
Jeff from Chicago. Union carpenter foreman (iron worker). Worked to build the Trump Tower in Chicago and other crazy high sky scrapers. The scariest experience he had was disassembling a catwalk 1,400 feet high and swinging over the side on a beam at that height. You don't even think about looking down at that height. I would have had a heart attack and fell off!
Left to right: Shane & Andrew - brothers from Chicago. Andrew runs a fishing boat in Hawaii. Tyler, college teacher. David, serving in the military in Kuwait...the hottest country in the world. Motorcycle riding in Kuwait in the summer is like riding in oven temperatures. Most guys don't ride in the summer there.






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