You receive BASIC AND ADVANCED training in our intensive school.

How Does Your Course Compare With Other Chopper Schools?

We have been teaching chopper building for 15 years. We were the FIRST and we are the industry leader in teaching custom bike and engine building, as well as TIG welding. We have taught many, many chopper and engine building workshops. Our only competitor is now out of business and thankfully we are still here.

Do you have any feedback or testimonials I can read from guys who have attended your workshops?


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What skills do I need to be able to take the course?

If you have ever changed the oil and spark plugs in your car (for example) and have at least some working knowledge of  how to use  wrenches and sockets, you should be able to function well at our classes. We assume you know nothing. That is why we are here - to teach you everything you need to know. 

How large is the class size?

We generally have a MAX of 3 to 4 students in our class.

How do the classes work?

We show you how to do an assembly procedure, and then YOU do the procedure.

We will build one complete chopper with a rigid frame and a belt drive primary. We then fire the engine that was built from scratch by the students in the engine building workshop.

We also go over a wet clutch primary drive and the unique suspension on a "softail" frame. 

What is the student to teacher ratio?

With a max of 3 or 4 students, there is ONE teacher to those 3 or 4 students. If there are fewer students signed up for the course, then the teacher-to-student ratio will be even better.

You need hands-on experience building a bike in order for you to learn. We believe that students learn very little if there are too many people in a classroom.

Guys, we have heard the “war stories” from unhappy students who attended bigger classes in other seminars where they received no hands-on experience and could not even see the bike being built. 

The bottom line is this: we want students to learn. If we do not provide the right environment, then we will have a lot of miserable and unhappy students to deal with. We don’t need that.










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